How it works


Cups come to us

Coffee outlets, cafés or retailers can send used paper cups to James Cropper for Cupcycling™, thanks to our collaboration with recycling partners. The cups are collected and baled close to source, so that they can be delivered to us efficiently on a large scale.


We rescue the fibres and recycle the plastic

It's a world-first in recycling. Our unique process removes the tricky polyethylene lining that makes take-away cups waterproof, while preserving the precious paper fibres. The polyethylene is recycled by our reprocessing partner, and our paper fibres are ready to upcycle.


We create beautiful papers

At James Cropper Paper, we make bespoke, luxury paper for brands all over the world. By choosing CupCycling™ fibres, our customers really stand out from the crowd - creating environmentally friendly papers and packaging that are less wasteful, more beautiful.

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